Once More, With Hobbits

Something To Sing About

Life's a song I hardly got to start
I have a soldier's heart
But I've been set apart
It's all right, the battle has been won
But my part in it's done
And now I am no one
Stay here where you're safe
We'll fight on your side
Don't concern yourself
In your stead, we'll ride
To the
Black Gate
But if they don't return
Why does it matter where I burn?
Don't give me songs
Don't give me songs
Give me something they'll sing about
Deeds that someday they'll sing about

Life's a song of battle and despair
I took the Nazgul's dare
I offered my last prayer
There I fought, beside my dying lord
My only hope my sword
Death was my reward
But I didn't die
Struck down by the shade
Things have gone awry
My friends, they betrayed
My one
Westu Theoden Hal
How could I survive your fall?
That was my story
To die with glory

There was no pain
No lies, no romance
Just one final chance at glory
I should have been slain
Death had no sting
But now who will sing my story?
Because I have no story
So give me something they'll sing about
Please, give me something . . .

Fair shield-maid
Though you mourn your king
Life is a thing worth living
How can I persuade
You that you'll heal
That someday you'll feel like living
You have to go on living
Because you're why I'm living

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