Once More, With Hobbits

Under Your Spell

We lived under the Shadow
Last of the Numenor race
It didn't seem so bad, though
We figured that was our place
But our war's in vain
If Sauron gets it again

I'm under its spell
Give up on your quest
And in Minas Tirith rest
Since Elendil fell
Never has such might
Been in the hands of the Light

I'd heard the tales recounted
Telling of Isildur's Bane
I always took for granted
We'd never see it again
But its power shines
Brighter than any of mine

I'm under its spell
What else can I do?
I have to take the Ring from you
Its power dark and fell
Wielded by me
Will preserve my fair city

No Frodo, don't leave …

(Musical Interlude)

(Orcs attack, Boromir is mortally wounded defending Merry and Pippin. Aragorn finds him.)

I made Frodo flee
Working for the Enemy

I was under its spell
I betrayed my friends
But now I swear I'll make amends
I fought until I fell
Aragorn my King
I never meant to take the Ring
But now I believe
But now I believe
But now I be-

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