Once More, With Hobbits



I thought we’d made it out of Shelob’s lair
The stars were bright and hope was in the air
But it’s all ashes to me with you lying there
But I…

We’ve come a long way from the Shire’s hills
You could have done it but you never will
And I can’t bear to see you lying cold and still
But I…

Wish I could give way to heartbreak and give up all we planned
Wish we’d grown gray together in our green homeland
Wish I could stay, but now I understand
The ring must go its way

We swore an oath that day in Rivendell
That we’d continue if the bearer fell
So master Frodo, I guess this means farewell
But I…

Wish I could delay a moment in Cirith Ungol’s pass
Wish I could lay my life down but it won’t bring you back
Wish I could stay, your Samwise to the last
But the ring must go its way
The ring must go its way

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