Once More, With Hobbits

Rest In Peace

I fought
For so many years
Why are you all treating me
Like someone to be feared?
If I hadn't protected you
You would have disappeared

You're scared
Afraid of Sauron's might
With Stormcrow whispering in your ear
You can't see what's right
But if you'll turn your back on him
I'll lead you to the light

But no-
Words are of no avail
You weaklings and your half-dead kings
Your rag-tag and bob-tail
If you put your faith in them
Then all your hopes shall fail
So let me rest in peace

Let me rest in peace
You won't take this keep
So crawl back out of Orthanc
And go celebrate Helm's Deep
For ones so weak as you
There's no dishonor in defeat
So let me rest in peace

You know
You're gonna be enslaved
Yeah Sauron's gonna punish you
Because you misbehaved
And when the Dark Lord's done with you
I'll dance upon your graves
So let me rest in peace

No, you may not go
Your staff is broken, your power destroyed
We'll send your master back to the void
And leave his servants unemployed
Youíve met a fate that you canít avoid
You're captive and we're overjoyed
We'll leave you here

And let you rest in peace
The stone you've thrown we'll keep
We'll let you live in memory
Of your wisdom once so deep
The Ents will stay to see that there is nowhere to retreat
So we'll let you rest in peace

Why won't you let me rest in peace?

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