Once More, With Hobbits

Going Through the Motions

Every single year
The same arrangement
Fireworks and food and beer
But this time I feel
A strange estrangement
Nothing here is real
My departure's near

I don't think he knows
But when I go
This will all be Frodo's
'Cause I've been going through the motions
Walking through the part
The open road is calling to my heart

Soon I'll leave the Shire
To write my opus
But I find I'm wavering
Now I feel desire
To keep my precious -
No, I'll leave the ring

This party's just the thing!

Thank you for coming! (POOF!)

Bilbo's even weird-
Er than we'd feared
Just look, he's disappeared

Well, he's been going through the motions
Faking it somehow
Throw this ring into the fire and … wow!

This is too grand an endeavor
Will you take it from me?
You must keep it safe!
I don't want to be

Going through the motions
Slave to my desire
Why must it come to me?
'Cause I don't want to leave
The Shire

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